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The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Tomas Koptik, M.A.

Individual German lessons

systematic - consistent - tailor-made

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Language lecturer since 2010


High school & university teacher, individual language training


since 2021: Luxembourg

2019-2021: Rotterdam

2010-2019: Prague, Cologne on the Rhine




- German - Czech (B.A.) - focus on German as a foreign language

- German studies (M.A.) - focus on German linguistics

                                            at Charles University in Prague


Research stays


University of Hamburg, University of Cologne, Leibnitz Institute for the German Language in Mannheim


Language skills


German, Czech, Dutch, English

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The offer includes tailor-made, individual courses for all proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced (A1-C2).

The lessons are systematic, consistent and make higher demands on the course participants. If required, the lessons can be held in English, Czech or Dutch.

Beginner and intermediate levels (A1-B1):


The lessons are designed to contrast with the mother tongue or source language (English, Czech, Dutch). If desired, the lessons can of course only be held in German.

On the one hand the focus is on the memorization and automation of grammatical structures, on the other hand on the massive expansion of vocabulary and fixed expressions - so called collocations. The goal is to reduce the uncertainty in speaking and improve oral competence. This phase requires consistent preparation and time investment into homework to reinforce the learning.

Higher levels (B2-C2):


On this level we scrutinize mistakes and imprecise expressions arising from the influence of mother tongue. The students often use these expressions persistentely and unconsciously ("grammatically often correct, but it doesn't sound German").

Among other things, the focus is on expanding vocabulary and polishing the style of speech (correct and sophisticated oral and written expression).

I also offer the following courses:


  • Targeted preparation courses for language exams up to the highest level (C2)

  • Technical language teaching in the following areas:

- Medicine / Nursing (for medical students, doctors and nursing staff)
- Academic language / academic writing
- Corporate communication / economy
- Gastronomy / tourism
- German of law (German <-> Czech)


All prices and further details are available on request.

Online Courses

In person:


Lessons in person are currently possible in Luxembourg.



Particularly these days, on-line courses and lessons with a qualified private teacher prove to be highly effective.

Learning a language via webcam (Skype, MS Teams, WhatsApp etc.) is flexible, efficient and completely substitutes for lessons in person.

The advantages of online teaching:


  • Time-independent learning on the PC, mobile phone or tablet

  • Location-independent lessons (regardless of whether you are in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zurich or in a village in Spain.)

All prices and further details are available on request.

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